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Should I have a Wedding Gift List?

Although Wedding Gift lists are becoming increasingly popular few brides and grooms are entirely comfortable with the principle of having a wedding gift list.  In recent year’s gift lists were considered impolite, nowadays a gift list is the preferred option for both the wedding couple and the guest.  As soon as your invitations have been received by your guests they will begin to ask you what you would like as a wedding gift.  Although your guests are not obliged to buy you a present most of them will and as a result they would prefer to buy you something that not only do you need but also something that you will like.

The list will also allow the guest to choose a present within their budget.  The list should be extensive including both expensive and inexpensive gifts as this will provide your guests with plenty of choice.  Some of you may feel reluctant to put very expensive gifts on your list but you must bear in mind that some people will club together for these larger gifts.  A gift list will also save you from receiving six of the same item which you will then have to return, it was also enable you to choose gifts which you believe will fit in with the style and character of your new home.

It is very important that if you are having a gift list that you organise it in advance of sending your invitations. 

More and more companies are now offering a gift list service, ranging from department stores to specialist shops.  For some it is now possible to have a list in a variety of stores. It is now becoming more common for couples to have their wedding list online. 

When setting up your list it is important to allow yourself plenty of time.  You may want to visit the store a few times before you make your final decision as many of these items will be in your house for many years to come.  Always check that the products you choose are in stock and not likely to be discontinued in the near future.  Once your list has been completed it’s important to make the list available to all guests. 

It is always nice to thank your guests personally for the presents you receive; therefore it is best to take the time to handwrite a personal thank you card.  You may wish to do this as the gifts arrive, or you may leave this until you return home from your honeymoon.