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Seasonal Trends in Make-up

Edited by Oonagh Boman

Professional Advice by Make-Up Artist Oonagh Boman

Full article was printed in Winter Issue of Ulster Bride 2006

During the Autumn/Winter months the make-up should be a little heavier in order that you will look fabulous under the artificial light, on camera and on film.

It should be a blend of a reflective/shimmer textures alongside matte textures that will absorb the light. Darker blends of Green/Copper/Browns/Gold are great for the warm skin tones and Grape/Plum/Grey/Silver look super on cool skin tones. It is important that the colours are blended and layered.

The Classic Smokey look always revives itself every Winter – just look at any beauty article at this time of year and you will see many stars sporting the Smokey eye with a sculpted cheekbones and glossy lips. This is the most beautiful look of the season and the inset of Kiera Knightley shows the look off to perfection.

Top Tip for the Smokey Look

• Complete the eye make-up first, then cleanse the skin and apply the foundation once the eyes have been finished. This will ensure that the skin will appear dewy whilst the eyes will look dark and sultry.
* Ensure that you build up the eye make-up by layering the product. Choose an accent colour, building up the shape of a semi-circle, they overlay with a dark, matte colour in order to create depth. Use the same technique below the eyes.
• Use black kohl eyeliner on the lash line and in the inner eye to make the whites of the eyes look whiter and also to build up the intensity.
• Apply a light reflective eye shadow on the brow bone and the inner corners of the eyes for contrast.

The Perfect Lip

In Autumn/Winter chose a lip colour that has more depth to it, unless you are going for dark eyes then choose a more flesh toned lip colour. Darker lip colours can however make the lips appear smaller so you can over paint ever so slightly to compensate for this. Always frame the face with well groomed eyebrows to balance the face.

French Polish for the Lips

If you are going for a paler lip, to compliment a dark eye, be sure to build up the lip colour on the lips. Start with a beautiful lip line in naked tones, they apply a lip colour and build it up until the lips look perfect, then apply a gloss that has some colour in it to make the lips appear polished. I generally finish off with a top coat of lip gloss that will make the lips appear like glass – this product usually has some tiny particles of glitter in it.

Christmas Wedding

For the ultimate Christmas wedding make-up, don’t shy away from a little texture.
Embrace the festive season with the use of a little eye sparkle or body shine. A Christmas bride should look especially amazing against the backdrop of candlelight and Christmas trees – be daring and allow your make-up artist to go with the seasonal trends.

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