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Seek the advice of a bridal expert!!!

Wedding Chat Forum – Thursday 21st September 2006 has introduced live chat forums. The chat forums provide future brides/grooms with the opportunity to receive instantaneous expert advice online from our wedding experts.

Bernie from Perfect Day was one of our wedding experts who kindly shared her expertise with many of our brides to be.

Please find below a summary of some of the questions that brides had asked Bernie, hopefully this information will be of benefit to you.

Hello Bernie, I know everyone traditionally goes for a white dress but for those who would like to be slightly different, what colours would you recommend to them that would be nice yet not too outrageous?
Firstly I would not have said that a white dress is the most popular choice rather ivory is. A lot of the more European styles are in beige (pale gold) which is very popular also. However I really do like white dresses as I think they make a bride sparkle.

What about a coloured dress?
To be honest there are not as many dresses about now with colour in them in comparison to a few years ago. Most manufactures will make at least 1 coloured dress in their collection every season. If you decide to go for a coloured dress it just means your choice will be restricted plus it will probably be slightly harder to match up with your bridesmaids, but it can be done. I have two wine coloured bodices which can go with various skirts and I also have a new ivory wine dress which I just ordered last week

What is the average cost for a wedding dress?
Well I guess this will depend on where you shop. In my bridal boutique they range from £595 to £1495 but most of them are less than £1000. I think most brides are prepared to spend £1000 for a wedding dress.

What would be the difference in two dresses ranging from one end of the price band to the other- where is the expense at?
It is usually the fabric and the brand of the dress that will determine its price. It is similar to buying a top in Primark in comparison to buying one in Karen Millen

So then is it possible to see two dresses which look similar but very different in price range?
Yes sometimes. What you find is that a lot of the companies copy the styles from more expensive designer as is done in high street shopping, so if you know what style you are after chances are if you look about you will find a similar dress probably in a cheaper fabric at a cheaper cost.

What fabrics are popular at the minute?
I am finding brides are after taffeta and organza instead of the traditional satin dresses, some silks are popular also. I have ordered about 25 new dresses for next season and about 5 of them are satin so I guess that says it all. Oh and lace is getting more popular too.

Can brides hire dresses from your boutique?
No we only sell dresses but a few times a year we do have a clearance sale where we reduce our sample dresses to less than 1/2 price so you can pick up a bargain then.

Is there any particular type of dress best suited to a bride, i.e. based on their shape, size, etc?
Of course, when you pick a dress it has to suit your shape, size and your personality.
Sometimes when a bride first walks in I just know right away what would look good on them and this is only after speaking with them for a few minutes. It is quite similar to shopping for ordinary clothes, people buy certain items of clothing because it "It is just them" if you know what I mean, so when choosing your wedding dress it will be the same.

How far in advance are you required to make appointments to view dresses?
Well in my boutique if you are looking for a Saturday or an evening appointment it is usually 2-3 weeks. I think any boutique that works on an appointment system will be similar.

Is it one bride per appointment or are there likely to be more brides viewing dresses during this time as I know that some brides are a bit funny about this and would prefer to be on their own?
It depends. Some of the larger shops will have several appointments taking place at any one time as they have more than one fitting room and this seems to work well for them. Whereas we only have one fitting room so we therefore work on a more personal base having only one appointment at any individual time.

Do you also stock wedding shoes Bernie?
Yes we stock wedding shoes and have some new shoes coming in soon which I will be able to tell you all about in our next newsletter. If you would like to be kept up-to-date why not register to our website and receive our monthly newsletters.

A lot of brides are concerned about having comfortable shoes for their wedding day. Are there any brands of shoes that you would recommend?
Yes. Check out they have some lovely low heeled shoes and also


Perfect Day, Bernie O'Neill
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Tel: 028 3832 1607

Perfect Day can supply wedding dresses from many designers, including Stevies Gowns, Alice-James, White Rose and the latest addition is White One – a new range from Pronovias.

As well as wedding dresses, Perfect Day stock tiaras, wedding shoes, headdresses, stationery, wedding favours and lots of other bridal accessories. For your bridesmaids there is a great range of dresses with tiaras and headdresses to match.

You will find more details on Perfect Day within our
‘Wedding Directory’  or why not view their website 'Perfect Day'