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Wedding Photography Q&A by Brian Morrison Photography

There must be a million wedding photographers – how do I choose the right one?

It can be slightly bewildering trying to select a wedding photographer – it’s probably the service where you will have too much to choose from!

There are a couple of key points to make it easier for you to choose.
- It may sound obvious, but choose a photographer whose pictures appeal to you. There’s no point choosing someone with a price tag that you like if you hate his photos – it’s unlikely that his style will change for your wedding! And you’re going to have to live with then end result for a long time!

- Narrow down your selection to three or four photographers and arrange to speak to them about your plans. You will often find that you ‘click’ with one of them. This can take a lot of the stress out of the process.

- When you’ve found your photographer, ask to see his package deals. First you need to think about what you would like by way of coverage – would you like “start to finish” coverage including bridal preparation and the speeches and dancing or are you planning something simple which only requires coverage at and around the ceremony

- Remember – it’s often possible to change your mind on the type of album and number of images that you want even after the wedding, so don’t stress out about that at this stage.


Wedding Photography seems like such a big expense – are there any tips on keeping the price down?

Wedding photography may seem like a big expense, but compared to all the other things that you may be thinking of - flowers, venue, chair covers, stationery etc etc, it is the one thing that you will have to share with family and friends for years to come. It’s all well and good thinking that everyone has a digital camera these days and that there will be plenty of photos on the day, but if you want a quality product, it’s best to employ a professional.

If you are on a budget:
- try looking out for special offers at wedding shows. Quite often photographers will offer discounts for bookings made at or around the time of the show

- consider asking friends an relatives to contribute to your photography budget instead of buying you another toaster!!


Why is there so much jargon around photography? What does it all mean?

Photography is one of those things that involves a lot of expensive technology, ‘boys toys’ and gadgets. It’s almost inevitable that you will come up against some terms that you aren’t familiar with. Here are some of the ones that commonly cause confusion:

Coffee-book / Magazine-style / Story-book albums: These are contemporary style albums which are printed and bound just like books. They come in a variety of shapes and papers, and generally allow you to produce duplicate and miniature books at the time of printing your album.

Traditional albums: This term refers to a pre-bound book with leaves which allow you to insert mounts (card cut-outs that frame your pictures) and printed pictures. Popular covers include leather and fabrics such as linen. Traditional albums represent good value.

Proofs / Contacts: There are a number of ways that you can preview your images from the wedding in order to select the ones that will make your final selection. Typically, you may receive a proof book or contact sheets. These are printed copies with ‘thumbnail’ (roughly the size of a large stamp) pictures. It is often more convenient to view your proof images on the internet and many photographers now offer this as part of their packages. It also makes it easier to let friends and family see the photos too.

File format & size / .jpg: If you are purchasing a CD of images as part of your package, it is more than likely that they will be jpeg files. This is the standard file format for pictures. Assuming that your photographer is using high-end professional equipment, you will need to ensure that each compressed file (the .jpg) is approximately one megabyte.

Candid photography / Wedding Photojournalism: Fancy ways of saying natural spontaneous photography. This style is an alternative to formal wedding photography, which tends to be dominated by large numbers of group shots and very posed photographs. Natural photography is a fantastic way to capture the atmosphere of your day. The photographer should be able to work unobtrusively in the background, getting a good range of people in the pictures without intruding too much on your time with your guests. Most people won’t even be aware that they’re being photographed if your photographer is good, which means that they don’t feel self-conscious because someone is asking them to post. Of course, special groups like the Bridal party, parents and so on will normally be photographed by candid photographers too.

PhotoShop: Contrary to what you might have heard, PhotoShop is used for more than airbrushing models in magazines! This software package is used for a number of areas, including making files the right size; ensuring that colour and tone are at the desired levels; changing images from colour to black and white; removing blemishes and, occasionally, a bit of airbrushing!

What do I do if the weather is bad on the day or for a Winter wedding?

This is what every couple dread – but it doesn’t mean that you have to have bad photos. The key to making sure that you still end up with great photos is to plan ahead. Talk to your photographer about location photography. A competent photographer will be able to use lighting to enhance indoor or outdoor photography to make you and your guests look great, good weather or bad.

Another trick to help bad weather photography look good is to use some black and white imagery on your album. Colour photos look fabulous on a good day, but black and white images can also give grey days a classic, timeless look.

As you will lose daylight a lot earlier in the day during the Winter months, it is worth chatting to your photographer about timing so that you can make the most of available natural light.

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