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Most certainly the credit crunch is affecting us, we have had to cut back on things that we ideally wanted like favours, things that are not essential, we are doing without, but the day will be amazing all the same.

The credit crunch had a major impact on us originally as the hotel we had booked for our wedding reception went into liquidation (we only found out through rumour/word of mouth – at no point did the hotel notify us), so we were left to find another hotel that was available on our date which is a Saturday in July! That caused a lot of stress in the beginning, it was also a challenge trying to get our deposit back from the hotel, which luckily enough we did, we cashed the cheque the day before the assets of the hotel were frozen, we were so relieved as a €1000 is a lot of money when it comes to a wedding.

Due to the fact that we had to get an alternative hotel, it is a lot smaller than our original hotel, so we have had to cut back on the number of day guests and even worse than that we had to reduce the size of the bridal party! So unfortunately one bridesmaid had to suffer – still don’t think she has gotten over it. But unfortunately things had to change due to the loss of our hotel!

We hope that this is the only bad luck we will have when it comes to the preparation of our big day. Oh then our priest left the parish! But luckily the new priest is lovely. Then our DVD guy couldn’t do our wedding, the make-up artist I had booked couldn’t do my make-up, my hairdresser is pregnant and due a couple of weeks before my wedding! Are all weddings so stressful...? Bride to be (February 2009)


When choosing your wedding venue here are some key factors you should consider!!!
  1. Menu offer
  2. Price
  3. Number of guests
  4. Amount of Rooms available
  5. Packages
  6. Location
Bride to be (April 2009)


Hi everyone,

First of all Congratulations and best wishes to all the future brides (and bridegrooms).

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to everyone who was involved in making my wedding go of without a hitch. We got married on 14th July 2008 and had a wonderful day. The bridesmaid stayed over at my house on the night before the wedding, while the groom, father in law and other family members on his side stayed at the hotel. The person who was giving me away arrived the next morning and to make my future husband 'sweat a little' rang him while he was going to the church and told him that he had slept in, the cars were late and that a taxi would have to be ordered to take us to the church.

My advice to any bride (and groom) is not to get stressed out about the whole thing - after all it is your day and it is impossible to please everyone no matter how hard you try.

Although I have a fairly normal sized family (mother, step father, brothers, cousins etc) the only one that came to the wedding was my grandmother. The others were all invited but most of them never responded and only one sent a present. Although this upset my somewhat, I vowed not to let it dampen my wedding.

We invited his family (all of whom came - even the ones from England) and very close friends. At the church his family and my grandmother sat on my side and the friends sat on his.

Anyone who spoke to me before the 'big day' and even on the morning of the wedding all were surprised that I was so relaxed about it and that I was not worrying about this or that, but my answer to them was that no matter what worrying I do if it is going to go wrong then it will and my fretting over it will not help it.

The only thing I regret not doing is getting the ceromony recorded because it would have been nice to have had but at least I have the photographs.

I would like to thank:

Issay of, Ballymena - for coming over and doing our hair
Amy of Peak of Perfection, Ballymena - for coming over and doing our make up
Rev Canon Scott, St Swithans Church, Magherafelt - for the beautiful service
Yvonnes Flowers, Ballymena - for the flowers
Laws Limos, Ballymena - for the transport and the professional drivers
Darren Cumberland - for the professional photographs and the evening entertainment
Tullyglass House Hotel, Ballymena - for the excellent service and meal provided
and finally
for all the people who helped in any way to help make our day so special - WE THANK YOU
REMEMBER - it is your day so enjoy it and don't worry about other people
Sandra x


I have always wanted to get married away from home because I liked the idea of my friends and family being able to get away to relax and enjoy my big day. I looked at various venues that were just 'over the border' so it would not be too far away.

I wanted to get married in the Chapel, but came up against various problems. In some parishes unless you lived in the parish or your parents where from the parish, they would not marry you or you could get married in the chapel but you needed to provide your own priest.

The legalities of getting married in the Republic of Ireland mean you must go to the registrar in that area in person three months before your marriage to register. There are other necessities, but this is one of the main ones.

Thankfully, I have all legalities and the chapel sorted out for my day, but just thought I'd let people know about the problems they face when go to another parish so they don't get a shock!

Good Luck!


In the beginning before I had started planning my wedding, I thought about what theme and colours I would be using for my wedding.

I decided to choose the red colour, as this was the symbol of love and passion. I would then use red to mark all the steps in my wedding. I had the bride’s maid’s dresses in red, my grooms tie was in red, the decorations and flowers and the invitation cards…

The next step was choosing a venue. We decided for a wedding abroad and hoping for sunny weather on the day, planned it as an outdoor event for the ceremony and reception. My experience with the reception booking was that I had to continually follow and check regularly that the reception was how I wanted it. So leave plenty of time to arrange this. Having a good relationship with the manager of the reception event helped me feel comfortable that everything would go as planned. So the next thing was to look for my dress and a hairdresser and makeup artist. When I chose the dress I then had to get all the accessories (shoes, tights, veil, hair accessories and jewellery). For my hair I did a trial before 15 days so I could be happy about how it was going to look on the day.

The groom and best man’s suit where next in mind and I knew I wanted a red tie to keep with the theme. Next the page boy’s outfit, in which I also wanted a white satin pillow, so he could carry the rings to the Alter during the ceremony. For the flower girl, there was a little basket to carry flower petal s as well. I looked on the internet for booking video/photos. I visited some of the studios to see past work and then I decided my favourite.

Going to wedding exhibitions helped me a lot as I got to see what was available. I found the band and a DJ from the wedding exhibitions.
I would not change anything about the planning as I was very happy with it. Although it was stressful at times with the planning this was all forgotten about after the big day.

Alicia x