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Mulsane Casinos

“Tell me about your business, Donal”

Mulsanne Casinos was set up in 1989 mainly to provide 'fun casinos' to the corporate market in Ireland. Since then we have worked for most of the big names in this sphere such as Microsoft, Bank of Ireland, ICI, BMW, Tesco, Nortel, Coca-Cola, etc.  We have also worked in a fund raising capacity for many registered charities.  Around six years ago we brought all of this experience to the wedding market.

At a wedding we provide the staff and equipment to run a 'fun casino' for the guests.  No real money changes hands. Instead the guests use 'funny money' which is customised for the event. We provide this either in advance or on the day. 

"How far in advance would a couple be advised to make a booking in order to guarantee availability?"

We have eighteen gaming tables which include American Roulette, Blackjack, Chinese Craps, American Craps and Poker.  Most weddings require between three and five tables so we can usually fit in two separate events on any date. However, we are still very active in the Corporate market where the norm is eight to ten tables. We do not recommend American Craps (too difficult to learn quickly) or Poker (not a quick enough through-put) for a wedding, so to be absolutely certain of getting us for your wedding, book as early as possible. At the moment we already have some bookings for 2010.

"Do all the guests generally get involved?"

Absolutely!  The whole casino is based on fun.  With the pressure of real money taken out, everyone wants to spend their 'funny money'.  Our staff takes great care to explain how to play the games, as often as anyone requires.

"Is it suited only for adults or do you also cater for children?"

Once again, with the real money aspect absent, we are more than happy to have the children playing. And they love it! In fact it is usually one of them who become the overall winner!  A great side effect of having the children playing at the tables is that it gives their parents peace of mind because they can see where they are and know that they are not bored.

"What packages do you offer and what do these include?"

The minimum package is two tables and the most popular is three. We provide the tables and ancillary equipment, the staff, an M.C., the customised 'funny money' and, if necessary, a small p.a. system for background music and announcements.  The prizes are provided by the couple.


"Approximately, what are the costs involved?"

In most cases there, will be change from £1,000.

"When is the most suitable time for the 'fun casino' and how long are you there for?"

There are two times during the wedding day where we are made best use of. One is during the photographs to keep the guests amused while the bride and groom are occupied.  About 20% of our wedding clients opt for this.  However, by far the most popular time for having the 'fun casino' is just after the meal and before the band or disco.  This is when the natural lull in the day occurs. The guests have been well fed and are not yet ready to dance.  When we open the tables they are more than happy to come up, have a flutter, a laugh and a chat with each other whilst letting their food settle.  It is a great opportunity for those who don't know each other to meet in a fun environment.  Usually, after a couple of hours, everyone is ready to dance and we rapidly get out of the road.

"Have you attended any high profile weddings?"

As far as we are concerned, to the people that matter which are the bride and groom, every wedding is high profile and we treat it as such.

"Have any of your weddings to date been of a certain dress code to match in with the evening?"

Many of the weddings that we have attended with the casino have been 'black tie' affairs. However, the casino theme does lend itself to "James Bond", "Tex-Mex", "Roaring Twenties" or "Las Vegas" dress codes.

"What should a couple be looking for when selecting a fun casino operator?"

Go and see the company in action. Are the tables and staff well turned out?  Does the staff look like they want to be there?  Are they interacting positively with the guests? Are the guests enjoying the experience they are being given?  Remember, you are not hiring a casino. You are hiring an entertainment experience for your guests.

"What is your unique selling point?"

Our unique selling point is having nineteen years experience of entertaining and meeting the most demanding standards of international clients.  We will bring all of this expertise to every wedding we attend.

"Do you have any references or customer testimonials?"

We are more than happy to have potential clients talk to our existing clients and will provide the contacts.

"What are your payment terms?"

We require a £100 holding deposit with the balance being paid at or before the event.

"Does any other entertainment particularly compliment the fun casino?"

Yes, although it is not necessary.  A roving magician fits in well with the theme or a good wandering swing singer such as Martin John or James Huish adds to the spectacle.

Mulsanne Casinos top tip.

Ring, email or fax us as often as you wish before the wedding with all of your queries, instructions and requests.  Then, on the day, relax and enjoy the games, with no worries, alongside your guests. 


Kind regards,


Mulsanne Casinos
Established 1989
Tel: 028 9082 5235