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Choosing your wedding venue!
Many couples plan their whole day around their dream wedding location, while others start with a totally open mind. Whatever you decide on, remember choosing your wedding location is one of the most important wedding planning decisions you will make.

Within Ireland there are many excellent locations to choose from. Here are some of the most popular options that people choose.

Hotel wedding reception - There are so many different types of hotels in Ireland that there will be something to suit everyone, from the traditional to the ultra-modern. Having accommodation at the hotel is sometimes a selling point for the couple, however in other cases the couple won’t mind as they like to depart from their guests at the end of the evening so that they can have some quality time together on their own. Visit our wedding venue section to view a range of stunning hotels.

Historic wedding reception venue - Castles, country houses and stately homes are among the locations many dream of for their big day. If your budget can stretch to this, it offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the use of a stunning building. In many cases this type of location is not as pricey as one would expect. Marquee wedding reception - If you have access to spacious gardens or other outdoor space, a marquee could be worth considering. Many people are surprised at the cost of hiring a marquee for their wedding, but the plus side is that you can take control of wedding catering and could save a considerable amount by providing your own alcohol.

Sports or social club wedding reception - Different types of club premises can be perfect for a wedding reception. Carry out plenty of research and you could find one that is in a stunning location too. For example, some sailing or rowing clubs have picturesque waterside views, and can often be hired at a reasonable price. You also have the option of dressing the venue using room hire and chair cover specialists if required.

Restaurant or pub wedding reception - Food and drink are among the main ingredients for a successful wedding reception, so where better to head than to a lovely restaurant or pub? Again you have the option of dressing the venue using room hire and chair cover specialists if required.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception

When choosing a wedding location it is important to take into consideration that there are likely to be two parts of your wedding to organise – the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. As regards the ceremony, a church wedding is still the favourite choice for many couples, and most have a particular church in mind. In this case, the reception must be planned around the wedding service. Factors such as ease of transport from service to reception will be important when planning your church wedding.

If, on the other hand, you are thinking about a civil wedding, you have the option of choosing a venue that will host both your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception. If this is what you are hoping for, you will need to choose a venue that is licensed for marriage ceremonies. One of the benefits of this option is that it minimises the amount of travelling involved for you and your wedding guests.

Wedding Venue Check list Number of wedding guests - Before you start to look at wedding venues it is important to have a good idea of the number of guests you expect to invite. If you plan to have a large number of guests attending then you need to be sure that the venue you are considering is large enough. It is important to make sure that your guests are not squashed in like sardines. Equally is you are planning a small wedding it is important to make sure that the function room is not too big for your needs. Atmosphere-wise you will not want a small number to people in a huge, high-ceilinged reception room were they may feel lost. Wedding prices - Is the prices quoted, within your budget. If not then it might mean you having to compromise on other aspects of the wedding. Make sure that you fully understand what is included within your package so that you get no surprises.

Wedding photography - Plenty of natural light in your venue will mean better pictures. It is also important to consider were you would like your photographs to be taken. Does your venue has gardens or grounds or is there somewhere nearby that can be used as an alternative? Speak to your photographer as chances are they may have already photographed numerous weddings at this wedding and will be able to advice.

Wedding decoration - Are table linen, flowers, place cards and other decorations included in the quoted price, or will you have to provide your own? Wedding extras - Check the availability of extras such as a cake stand and cake knife. Many wedding venues will lend you these, but having to hire them separately adds to your hassle and your wedding expenses. Also is tea and coffee provided on arrival or is there a cost for this and are complimentary jugs of juice provided on the tables at meal time. Finally also ask if there are any room hire charges or additional fees that you should know about.

Wedding guest accommodation - Does your venue have accommodation onsite? Is there a reasonable range of accommodation within easy access of the venue? It is very useful for the guests if you include information on the above when you are sending out your wedding invites.

Wedding venue restrictions - Does the venue impose limitations that could negatively affect your plans? Some stipulate no loud music after a certain time, others don’t like confetti or candles. You may also want to ask about closing times for your bar.

Wedding venue staff - Do they seem experienced and professional? Are they willing to adapt to your needs? Flexibility is another key attribute.

Wedding venue facilities - Is the venue suitable for guests with a disability, and can it provide appropriate seating for the elderly and/or young children?

Tables - Round tables at a wedding take up more space that the trestle tables so bear this in mind when you are speaking to your venues wedding coordinator.

Bar - Is the bar located within the function room? Some couples prefer to have the bar within the room so that it does not cause a spilt among guests.

Car-parks -
Is there enough parking for guests who drive?

Wine - Are you allowed to provide your own wine? What are the corkage charges?